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Hi! I am Dr. Natali Mei, an online counselor for substance abuse/SUD.

Contrary to common belief, I know that recovery can be permanent, backed by my own experience.

My Service

I am dedicated to helping people struggling with substance abuse create healthy and happy lives without spending years in recovery. That’s why I have developed a 10-step counseling program for everyone who wants to live free from addiction ASAP.

At the heart of my therapy is cognition, which leads to a change in thinking patterns and behavior. I believe that the process of creating a new version of ourselves begins with transforming our thoughts. This process is not just a change in the perception of the world but also a rethinking of goals, values, and meanings.

Every step of the way, I will be with you, guiding you through the practical steps of transforming your mindset.

Let's open the page together for a new chapter: your addiction-free, healthy, and happy life.

MindShift to Recovery Program

Online Group Recovery Program for Women—Your Path to Sobriety, Purpose, and Happiness

Are you or someone close to you facing the challenging journey of addiction recovery and in search of a holistic solution? Look no further! This revolutionary online therapy program goes beyond traditional approaches, providing a transformative experience that rejuvenates individuals mentally, physically, and spiritually. Discover the unique benefits that set our program apart:

1. Complete Mental and Physical Rejuvenation:

Experience a comprehensive recovery that revitalizes not just the body but also the mind. This online group therapy program focuses on mental well-being and physical health, offering a holistic approach to the recovery journey.

2. Addiction-Free Mindset Integration:

Unleash your potential, not just for recovery but for a complete life overhaul. This program emphasizes the cultivation of an addiction-free mindset, redirecting your focus toward building a purposeful and successful future.

3. Tailored Recovery for Lasting Success:

Recognizing the uniqueness of each journey, this program provides a personalized treatment plan for women. Addressing addiction challenges tailors the recovery process to align with women's aspirations, ensuring lasting success.

4. Non-Medicated Healing Approach:

Break free from traditional medication-focused methods. This program adopts a non-medicated approach, emphasizing the power of cognitive-behavioral therapy and self-discovery for sustainable recovery.

5. Accessible Anytime, Anywhere:

Online therapy ensures support is available at your convenience. Whether at home, work, or on the go, access transformative therapy whenever and wherever you need it, fostering consistent progress in your recovery.

6. Confidentiality and Privacy:

Privacy is paramount in the recovery journey. Our online therapy program establishes a confidential and judgment-free space, enabling women to receive support comfortably and securely.

7. Real-Time Support for Lasting Change:

In moments of crisis or triumph, our program provides real-time support in our dedicated Facebook group. Through emergency response, our moderators guide and encourage you, ensuring lasting change and resilience.

8. Incorporating Mindfulness Practices:

Elevate your recovery with the power of meditation, yoga, breath work, and cardio exercises. Learn how to incorporate personal healthcare practices into daily routines, enhancing mental clarity and physical fitness, and fostering a balanced and centered lifestyle.

Embark on a transformative journey with our comprehensive online group therapy program for women. It's not just about overcoming addiction; it's about revitalizing your mental and physical well-being, redirecting your life focus, and becoming a healthy, happy, and thriving member of society. Your journey to holistic recovery and a truly happy life begins with our MindShift to Recovery Program for Women!

We work with governmental and charitable organizations to provide online recovery programs for women. Please email natali@natalimei.com to request program details.

Meet Dr. Natali Mei

Hello, and welcome to my page!

I am a doctor of psychology, a cognitive-behavioral therapist, an addiction counselor, an author, and an entrepreneur. My approach to psychotherapy is the result of not only my professional knowledge but also my personal experience of overcoming addictions.

What makes me different from other therapists is that I am not just a psychologist; I am a former addict who has gone through many life trials, including PTSD, anxiety, depression, and various addictions, including substance abuse. Cognitive-behavioral therapy was the solution for my own healing and also for many of the great people that I worked with.

I was born in Moscow, Russia, but left the country with my parents when I was a kid and grew up in Budapest, Hungary, and Uzhhorod, Ukraine. During the early years of my life, I suffered from verbal, physical, and sexual abuse, but I couldn’t share this with anyone, which led to long-term depression and anxiety.

My first education was in business administration, and I worked as an international business development and real estate professional for many years while living in 10 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the US.

I can tell you from my personal experience that addiction, regardless of its form, is essentially a psychosomatic condition that emerges when one loses the capacity to experience happiness without external stimuli.

Apparently, when I achieved some success, providing my family and myself with all the necessities for a comfortable life, I also developed a whole bunch of addictions. My addictions were not my only problem; they were the symptoms of the pain that I had from an early age, suffering from a lack of parental attention, loneliness, and being exposed to verbal and sexual abuse.

Thus, having reached everything I thought I wanted (a prestigious job, a wealthy husband, and a nice house in Miami), I was profoundly disappointed by what I encountered in that place, which had once been the pinnacle of my world. Consequently, I lost my sense of direction, ceased to appreciate life's simple joys, and found myself ensnared in a web of excessive consumerism, materialistic pursuits, endless beauty procedures, globetrotting, indulgence in entertainment, sexual pleasures, alcohol, and all types of recreational drugs.

Alcohol and drugs became my daily routine, slowly taking away everything from me: my relationships, my career, and my mind. Overdosing on coke, weed, and alcohol led to hallucinations. After having witnessed my own death, visiting the other world, and receiving a message from the higher power, I turned to the church for comfort and even tried to submit myself to the monastery. I have stopped all earthly pleasures and become obsessed with the Bible and religion. However, that didn’t help me regain myself. I spent three years in loneliness, hiding from the world.

I started studying psychology in 2020, during the COVID pandemic, in order to deal with my problems since I could not find a suitable psychologist for myself. Not a single psychotherapist aroused my trust and desire to openly talk about my problems. “They only need money,” I thought, looking at how other people went to psychologists for years and were treated in expensive clinics but could not solve their problems.

In search of answers to the questions that tormented me, I began to study psychology, which helped me understand myself and my true inner motives.

Psychology helped me understand that, having been repeatedly subjected to psychological abuse, for a long time I lived as if in a cocoon, isolating myself from the rest of the world with the help of alcohol and other substances.

Once I had gotten rid of false goals, I experienced metamorphosis and overcame depression and all my addictions. At that moment, I realized that my highest goal was to help other people stop addictions by changing their mindset. This is the reason why I decided to specialize in addiction problems.

Since I started my psychology practice, I have gained enough experience to understand what tools can help people overcome psychological crises and addictions. And so I developed my therapy toolkit that helps people from all walks of life overcome their mental problems.

Now I am based in Italy and work with international clients online, as permitted by my internationally recognized psychology diploma from a Russian Institute of Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology.

I wrote a book, “MindShift to Recovery,” that contains practical tools for overcoming addiction and post-addiction life planning. You can buy my book on this page below or on Amazon. If you’d like to know more about my counseling program, book a free assessment session.

What is CBT?

CBT, or cognitive-behavioral therapy, is an approach to psychotherapy that focuses on changing destructive patterns of thinking and behavior. The focus is on the connections between our thoughts, feelings, and actions. The essence of CBT is changing the negative, distorted beliefs that shape our perception of the world and ourselves.

Example situation: Alcohol addiction

Distorted Thoughts: Olivia, an A-list celebrity, faces constant stress while on tour, which leads to alcohol addiction. Her thoughts include "I can't handle pressure," "I'm always judged by my success," and "Alcohol is my only way to cope with emotional difficulties."

Emotional reactions: Olivia experiences feelings of anxiety, exhaustion, and loneliness. Her emotional reactions manifest themselves in frequent mood swings and storms of anger, as well as a feeling of constant dissatisfaction.

Behavioral reactions: Avoiding stressful situations on tour, Olivia often resorts to drinking alcohol, using it as a means of relieving tension and pressure. This leads to frequent drinking before performances and during rest periods, creating a spiral of addiction.

CBT-oriented steps:

  1. Identifying Distorted Thoughts:

Olivia begins to recognize and record distorted thoughts associated with her perfectionism and fear of failure in show business.

  1. Reassessment of Beliefs:

The therapist helps Olivia reconsider her beliefs about her self-worth and success, developing healthier views about her career.

  1. Exposure techniques:

Olivia is implementing gradual changes in her touring regimen, gradually reducing stress levels, and finding a substitute for alcohol in her practices to manage emotions.

  1. Working with a therapist:

Olivia undergoes therapy sessions where she discusses her emotional experiences, aspirations, and struggles with addiction, developing strategies for effective rehabilitation.

The goal of Olivia's cognitive-behavioral therapy is not only to overcome her alcohol addiction but also to change her thinking and behavior, creating a path to psychological health and growth in show business.

How can CBT help to stop addiction?

CBT is very helpful due to its focus on practical methods. This approach helps people develop strategies to effectively cope with stress, anxiety, depression, and PTS. One of the key benefits of CBT is its emphasis on specific, measurable goals, which makes the therapeutic process more results-oriented. By applying the principles of CBT, people can develop new, healthier ways of thinking that replace destructive thoughts, promoting better understanding of themselves and control of their lives.

Example situation: Cocaine addiction

Distorted Thoughts: Emma, a successful young businesswoman, faced a severe cocaine addiction as a result of the stress and pressure of her career. Her thoughts include beliefs such as “Without cocaine, I will not be able to effectively run my business,” “It is the only way to cope with constant stress,” and “Cocaine gives me the confidence to make difficult decisions.”

Emotional Reactions: Emma experiences deep anxiety, fear of failure, and concern about her professional status. Her emotional reactions include avoiding situations where she cannot use cocaine and seeking temporary relief through drug use.

Behavioral reactions: Due to her addiction to cocaine, Emma began to avoid situations that could cause anxiety. She prefers to isolate herself from colleagues and friends, encountering communication problems and postponing important business meetings. Seeking temporary relief and consolation, she turns to cocaine, often mixing it with alcohol and antidepressants.

CBT-Focused Steps:

  1. Identifying Distorted Thoughts:

Emma begins to write down her distorted thoughts related to the need for cocaine to successfully manage her business and overcome stress.

  1. Reassessment of Beliefs:

The psychologist helps Emma reconsider her beliefs about the need for cocaine, identifying alternative strategies for managing stress and maintaining professional success.

  1. Exposure techniques:

Emma is implementing changes in her lifestyle, gradually reducing her cocaine use and replacing it with healthy alternatives.

Cognitive behavioral therapy allows Emma not only to cope with her addiction to cocaine but also to change her thinking and behavior, creating the basis for a systematic recovery from addiction and achieving mental maturity.

Why choose my online counseling program?

Let's dive into the essence of my therapy program and explore how this approach can be a powerful catalyst for creating a new addiction-free story of your life.

10-step online counseling program for overcoming addiction/SUD

I offer an online counseling program for people struggling with addiction / Substance Use Disorder consisting of 10 weekly sessions; each session is 60 minutes long.

The program price is EUR 700, payable at once or split in two payments of EUR 350 each. I don't take insurance.

The advantages of my therapy are:

1. Accessible: Conducted online, sessions can be attended from the comfort of one's home, using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

2. Individual approach: the Ultimate Life Planning process offers a unique opportunity to craft an individual life scenario tailored to your specific needs. It covers the eight dimensions of happiness, each essential to achieving authentic happiness that is meaningful to you personally, and provides a roadmap to reclaiming your life's joy. A comprehensive life planning process not only helps you achieve your goals but also encourages a continual lifetime evaluation of your true desires, keeping your mind on your happiness goals and away from your DOC.

3. Best price offer: the therapy program price is EUR 700, which is EUR 70 per session—that is at least 50% cheaper than any addiction therapy in Europe and the Americas.

Program Details


My online counseling program is an affordable, convenient, and tailor-made pathway to addiction recovery, encouraging individuals to take prompt action for lasting positive change.

The program comprises 10 sessions, each focusing on different aspects of addiction recovery and life planning. Participants also have 10 home assignments.

Session Breakdown:

Session 1: Psychology Session dedicated to identifying and healing psychological wounds, paving the way for a strong mental foundation.

Sessions 2–9: Life Planning Sessions focusing on the Eight Dimensions of Happiness, such as Psychological, Physiological, Family, Lifestyle, Occupational, Financial, Social, and Spiritual.

Session 10: Psychological Test Session dedicated to assessing readiness for independent recovery or the need for continued professional support.


Home Assignment 1: You will be assigned to complete an online personality test (https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test) and send me your result in order for both of us to better understand your character traits and use this information in the following sessions.

Home Assignments 2-9: You will be assigned to create sets of goals for one of each of the above-mentioned dimensions of happiness prior to our session:

1. Ultimate goals (end of life)

2. Long-term goals (10 years)

3. Medium-term goals (5 years)

4. Short-term goals (1 year)

Home Assignment 10: Write an essay on how you see your life in one year from now.

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Not sure whether my online counseling program is the right fit for you?

Start by reading my book.

MindShift to Recovery


This book is the result of my professional knowledge in psychology and also of my personal experience in overcoming addiction. It is a guide to understanding addiction, liberating yourself from it, and living a healthy, purposeful, and happy life. This transformative book illustrates how a focused mindset can empower an individual to change their life for the better, anytime. An invaluable resource for post-addiction life planning and achieving your desires, this book includes The Ultimate Life Guide to overcome addiction and help you craft a personalized life scenario that perfectly aligns with your most intimate desires. Embrace this guide to consciously infuse your life with the elements of the eight dimensions of happiness, enabling you not only to make the decision to overcome addiction but also to sustain it throughout lifetime.

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Your bright future awaits you!

Get on the path to recovery by joining our online counseling program.

Clients testimonials about counseling with Dr. Natali Mei

NOTE. To protect people's privacy, all names in the reviews below have been changed with their permission and stock images have been used in place of their actual photos.


Today was my first CBT therapy session with Dr. Natali Mei, and I couldn’t help but share my impressions. To begin with, I was skeptical before the meeting, because it was difficult for me to imagine how conversations could help me, struggling with cocaine and alcohol addiction.

However, from the very beginning, Dr. Natali created an atmosphere of support and understanding. She showed deep concern for my story and feelings, which immediately inspired trust. Together, we identified the distorted beliefs that were interfering with my emotional well-being.

What struck me was the hands-on nature of the therapy. Natali offered specific methods and techniques aimed at changing my thinking and improving my emotional state. I felt like my feelings and concerns were important to her, and she was truly committed to helping me cope with the effects of substance abuse.

After the session, I felt that I was not so alone in my experiences, and that there were tools to step by step overcome my difficulties. I look forward to the next sessions and believe that CBT therapy with Dr. Natali Mei can give me the tools for a new chapter in my life.


Today I had my first CBT therapy session with Dr. Natali Mei and words cannot express how grateful I am for this experience. Before the meeting, I felt fear and anxiety, but Dr. Natali immediately created an atmosphere of safety and support.

From the very first minute, she showed exceptional understanding and compassion for my battle with cocaine and alcohol addictions. Together we discussed my feelings and the distorted thoughts that were preventing me from moving forward. Dr. Natali offered specific strategies and techniques to help change my thinking and overcome my pain.

What impressed me was her professionalism and empathy. She taught me to see myself from a new, more caring perspective, helping me recognize and re-evaluate ideas that were undermining my self-worth.

After the session, I felt that I was moving forward, even if it was the first step. This was not just a conversation, but a real experience of change. I am much more confident that I can overcome the effects of substance abuse and build a healthier relationship with myself.

I look forward to my next appointments and believe that CBT therapy with Dr. Natali Mei will have a profound and productive impact on my life.


Today was my first CBT therapy session with Dr. Natali Mei, and I couldn’t help but share my impressions. To begin with, I was skeptical before the meeting, because it was difficult for me to imagine how conversations could help me, struggling with cocaine and alcohol addiction.

However, from the very beginning, Dr. Natali created an atmosphere of support and understanding. She showed deep concern for my story and feelings, which immediately inspired trust.

Dr. Natali offered specific methods and techniques aimed at changing my thinking and improving my emotional state. I felt like my feelings and concerns were important to her and she was truly committed to helping me cope with the effects of substance abuse.

After the session, I felt that I was not so alone in my experiences, and that there were tools to step by step overcome my difficulties. I look forward to the next sessions and believe that CBT therapy with Dr. Natali Mei can give me the tools for a new chapter in my life.


By participating in the CBT therapy program with Dr. Natali Mei, I received not only valuable tools for overcoming my addiction, but also the support that I needed to feel in difficult moments. Losing my husband was an incredible tragedy for me, and I did not know how to cope with this experience, so I began to abuse alcohol.

From the very beginning, Natali created an atmosphere in which I felt heard and understood. We worked together through the distorted thoughts and feelings of grief, which helped me begin the process of psychological healing. The program was focused not only on conversation but also on practical steps to change my thinking.

Dr. Natali's personal approach was very important to me. She not only provided techniques but also adapted them to my unique situation, which created an effective therapeutic dynamic. I felt like I was moving forward and starting to find new meaning in my life.

Thanks to the CBT therapy program, I became more self-confident and gained tools for a healthier perception of my situation. I thank Dr. Natali Mei for her contribution to my mental well-being and ability to move forward.


The CBT program with Dr. Natali Mei has had a profound impact on me, and I couldn't help but share my experience. From the very beginning, Natali showed an outstanding level of empathy and caring, which was especially important to me as I was very embarrassed to talk to anyone about my addiction.

The program provided me with not only insight into my emotions, but also specific tools to change destructive thoughts and behavioral patterns. We worked together to reframe traumatic experiences and create new, healthier beliefs.

What I especially appreciate about the program is the individual approach. Natali not only listened, but also tailored the therapy to my unique needs and pace. This created an environment of trust that was the basis for me to have open conversations and deep change.

The sessions I completed brought into my life not only psychological relief, but also a sense of strength and control over my future. I am grateful to Dr. Natali Mei for her professionalism, warmth, and insight. The CBT therapy program gave me the tools to create a new, healthier chapter in my life.


Having completed a CBT therapy program with Dr. Natali Mei, I want to share my experience. Losing my son in the war was an incredible tragedy for me, and I looked for ways to cope with this pain and grief and began to abuse alcohol.

From the very beginning, Natali greeted me with deep understanding and compassion. The program turned out to be not only support, but also a real tool for overcoming difficulties. Together we explored and reframed my feelings and thoughts, which helped me begin to move towards psychological healing.

I especially appreciate the program's hands-on approach. Natali provided me with specific techniques that I could use in my daily life to overcome difficult moments. Her professionalism and caring created an atmosphere in which I felt supported and understood.

Thanks to CBT therapy, I began to see my situation from a new, healthier perspective. The program helped me regain a sense of control and gave me the tools to build a new chapter in my life. Thank you to Dr. Natali Mei for her warmth, professionalism, and valuable contributions to my psychological healing.

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